First, and most important, Aspire is all about providing a fantastic gymnastics experience to its members of all abilities and levels of potential. Aspire is the largest academy in Cornwall, covering mid Cornwall from its sites in Truro and St Austell and continues to grow and further the development of Cornish gymnasts.

How old does my child have to be to start gym?

The academy provides classed for all ages from 8 weeks to adults, so it’s never too early and never too late to start.

Can my child come for a taster session?

Yes! We encourage all new gymnasts to attend two trial sessions before they join. Subject to availability.

What does my child wear to Gymnastics?

The academy has a standard uniform which ensures the standard of safety guidelines are met. For your child’s first session, all they need to wear is shorts/leggings and a t-shirt.

Can my child wear earrings?

All earring and jewellery must be removed by the start of the session, to comply with insurance requirement and ensure a safe environment. If earring studs cannot be removed, surgical tape must be placed over them to ensure the safety requirements are adhered to.

Gymnasts with long hair irrespective of gender should ensure their hair is also tied back neatly.

Failure to follow the above will result in the gymnast not being able to partake in the current session.

How do I pay the gym fees?

The academy allows a two week trial period where the classes are paid for on the first day, if you decide gymnastics is for you or your child you can then collect a termly fee structure from the front desk with the exception of specified drop in classes.

Recreational classes are payable termly/half termly in advance. Payment method: cash, cheque or card.

Squad/team gymnasts are required to pay via monthly standing order as laid out in their team handbook.

Can I watch my child whilst they are in the gym?

With the safety of the gymnast in mind we have put in place a policy whereby parents/guardians are not permitted to remain inside the gymnasium whilst independent sessions are in progress. This ensures that in the case of an emergency there is free access both to and from the gymnasium and emergency procedures can be adhered to, by direction of the coaching staff. We do offer a parent open viewing week at the end of each term so you can come and watch your child in their class.

Can I drop my child off and pick them up from the car park?

Parents are reminded that the academy does not assume duty of care for participant until they are registered into their class, with this in mind please do not leave your child unaccompanied before the start of their class.

Participants must not leave the premise without their parents/guardians and should remain with the coaches in the gymnasium at the end of their session until collected, the only exception to this is for participants partaking teen classes who are free to leave the building at the end of their session once dismissed by their lead coach.

Parents/Guardians are expected to collect their children on time. If you know that you are going to be late collecting your child for any reason you must contact the academy ASAP.

Can my child take part if they have a medical condition/disability?


Some medical conditions/disabilities require a parent/carer to stay at the session. Any medical condition, learning disability or attention disorder must be disclosed on the registration form and parents should speak to the lead coach to ensure that all of the coaches are aware of any adaptations/risks which need to be considered. Some children/adults may be better suited to attending our specific GymAbility class, this will be discussed with the lead coach and parent/carer.

Participants with Down’s Syndrome will require an atlanto-atlas screening prior to starting any class, we are more than happy to help assist you with this by arranging a free appointment with the academy’s physiotherapist, to complete the screening form.