All recreational gymnasts are required to attend their classes in standard academy uniform. We firmly believe that a clear academy uniform policy is very important for a number of reasons. It allows young people to attend the academy without the fear of being discriminated against based on their choice of clothing, it reflects the core values of gymnastics, and it creates a sense of belonging, pride and achievement.

Not only does a uniform create all of the above but it ensures the standard of safety guidelines laid out in our policies are met, ensuring both participants and the coaches working with them are safe, please see our uniform list below for further details. All long hair irrespective of gender should be tied back and all jewellery removed for the start of the session to comply with insurance requirements and ensure a safe environment. If earrings studs cannot be removed surgical tape must be placed over them to ensure the safety requirements are adhered to.



  • Academy T-shirt
  • Academy Leotard short or long sleeved
  • Black Shorts or Leggings


  • Academy T-shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Academy Black Singlet