Adult Classes

Adult Gymnastics

Our adult classes are for those who would like to build up strength, flexibility and fitness, and learn gymnastics skills in a relaxed social setting. Our programme caters for a cross range of abilities enabling each adult to work at their own pace.

Aspire runs adult gymnastics classes as well as trampolining and toning fitness classes. Our adult classes are flexible and therefore do not need to be booked in advance. Please contact for current class times.

There is no need to have a gymnastics background to join in. It is fun, challenging and a very different form of exercise!

Adult Dance/Fitness Classes

Aspire is a great believer that you are never too old to dance, with several different types of fitness/dance classes available to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something suitable whether a complete beginner or a professional dancer. Can’t see what you’re looking for or session days/times don’t suit, please contact us as we are always willing to arrange further classes.

Stretch & Tone

A relaxing 30 minute stretch and toning class, a perfect addition after an intense lyrical workout. Or a nice relaxing class for athletes to attend to gain better flexibility and core toning. Focusing on muscular strength, good body alignment and balance along with developing and strengthening key muscle groups – particularly abs and back – with the occasional aid of a fitball.

Body Tone

The workout concentrates on all major muscle groups using calisthenics, and your own body weight. We promise a total body workout! High energy class using compound exercises to burn fat, improve core stability, muscle toning and cardio fitness. A great workout for men and women.

Caribbean Flava

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Join our Caribbean Flava sessions with exotic rhythms set to high-energy, hot island fever music. Let us show you how to party to the beat with easy, step by step, calorie-burning dance moves, led by our very own laid back Caribbean instructor. Feel the rhythm, feel the sun, come along and have some fun!

The sport of gymnastics, allows children to gain confidence, patience, respect and discipline - all essential skills of life.