“Team” is the first step into competitive gymnastics with gymnasts training 1.5 – 5hrs a week. Aspire’s teams will begin by focusing on floor, vault, strength and flexibility to enable gymnasts to compete within the County at novice level. Gymnast may then be asked to progress into an Apparatus Team where they will begin to work on all artistic apparatus and again compete within the County.


“Squad” gymnasts are selected based on physical and mental attributes and will train 6 – 20hrs per week as deemed appropriate. This obviously requires a larger commitment and dedication to the sport and the academy. Gymnasts in Squad will be aiming to compete at Intermediate, County, Regional and National level.

Advancement to the next level is determined by the coaching staff using the following criteria:

  • skill level
  • mental attitude
  • success at gymnast’s current level
  • possible success at next level
  • gymnast’s desire
  • work ethics.

There is not a specific time of the year that gymnasts will advance it will vary for each and every gymnast and situation.

All selections are thoroughly discussed by the coaching team and considerations taken when offering spaces, the requirements of all of Aspire’s squads are not only based upon physical talent but also the mental attitude and commitment of the gymnast. It is important to remember that gymnastics is an intrinsically motivated sport and for a gymnast to grow to their full potential not only do they need to be committed but they need to have the right support around them.

All squad/team positions are under constant review with continual assessment in place enabling us to identify quickly whether gymnast will be better suited in another group, aiding them in “faster” development of their gymnastic skills.

The sport of gymnastics, allows children to gain confidence, patience, respect and discipline - all essential skills of life.