Pre School

Welcome to Aspire Gymnastics Academy “GymTastic” pre school. Aspire is the place where children learn about the physical world through safe, fun relaxed and playful exploration of an Aspire gym with our British Gymnastics and CRB qualified Coaches. Multi sensory activities, with specialist gymnastic equipment enhance natural development, allowing confidence and independence to grow. Classes from 8 weeks to school age, developing body awareness, balance, posture, co-ordination and much more.
FUNdamental Gymnastics for an active life.


Suitable for: 18 months – 3 years +

PlayGym follows on from our BabyGym classes and is an Adult and Child unstructured play class. Lead by out enthusiastic pre school coaches, these classes allow children to explore various gymnastic apparatus gaining confidence. The use of body movement develops strength and flexibility in both muscles and joints. The children are encouraged to develop at their own pace, but with the active involvement of the PlayGym coach.


Suitable for: 2 years +

The first step towards an independent gymnastic class, MiniGym allows the introduction of a structured class with the advantage of a parent/carer attending to reduce any anxiety that may be brought on by being left. Lead by our British Gymnastics coaches, you will be taken through the educational themes following mini circuits. A fast paced class, where both adult and child get out of it only as much as they are willing to put in, so be prepared to wriggle around on the floor like a snake etc. with us coaches.

Gym Tots

Suitable for: 3 years +

The final stage in Aspire’s pre school program. Starting with a group warm up using different hand apparatus songs and rhymes, we then follow on by completing three small circuits on a variety of apparatus, in which your child will focus on their forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and much more. A great independent class that works alongside British Gymnastics awards measuring progress termly.

The sport of gymnastics, allows children to gain confidence, patience, respect and discipline - all essential skills of life.