Rising Stars (Reception/Foundation)

Suitable for: 4 – 5 years

Specifically designed for foundation/reception years, our Rising Stars. Helping provide a smooth transition from preschool to our recreational programme (also assisting the transition to full time school.) A class packed full of fun and energy, begins with a structured group warm up and continues on the apparatus with different circuits and focus every few weeks. The emphasis is on having fun.

Gym Stars (Key Stage 1)

Gym Stars for boys and girls follow a structured programme over a 1 hour class. Gymnasts are encouraged to progress from basic gymnastic skills through to more complex ones at their own pace and within a group of their own age. Although our classes run by age group, we do split each class into ability groups to cater for each child individually. As ever having fun is core to our classes but Gym Stars is the first step on the development ladder.

Junior Gym (Key Stage 2)

Moving on from Gym Stars, this class builds upon skills already developed but also caters for beginners of this age range. For boys and girls following a structured programme over a 1 hour class, the skills taught are more advanced and there is a focus upon body range and conditioning to achieve these skills. Reward comes from ever improving skill levels.

Bronze Silver Gold

This class caters for our committed gymnasts who have progressed through many of our previous classes attaining all of their British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.

Teen Gym (Key Stage 3/4)

As gymnasts move into secondary school they maintain their enjoyment of recreational gymnastics through activities such as tumbling, vault, trampette and floor work. We also offer them the option to train and qualify as Assistant Coaches.


British Gymnastics (BG) recognises the interest in Parkour/free running and has therefore developed its own “FreeStyle” gymnastic classes. These are sessions where BG qualified FreeStyle coaches provide a safe environment for free gymnastic expression and teach a wide range of moves, e.g. wall flips, palm spins, kongs and dashes.

The sport of gymnastics, allows children to gain confidence, patience, respect and discipline - all essential skills of life.